Optimum Anode Technologies produces dimensionally stable anodes employing mixed-metal- oxide technology and platinized coatings for a wide variety of substrates, electrochemical processes and specialty applications. While we’ve grouped our products under four broad classifications, we can customize anode design, shape and substrate metal to suit your particular application.

Optimum Oxides

  • ChlorOxide™ Coatings
  • IrOxides™ Coatings
  • Specialty Oxides

PurePlat™ Coatings

  • Plated Platinum
  • Thermal Platinum
  • Platinum Clad

OPTIChlor™ Replacement Cells and Parts

  • T1 Replacement Cells
  • T3 Replacement Parts
  • Specialty/Other

Cathodic Protection

  • ChlorOxide™ Coatings
  • IROxide™ Coatings
  • PurePlat™ Coatings
  • Specialty/Other