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Dimensionally Stable Anode Coatings
for Superior Performance

Experience. Expertise. Innovation.

In 2008, Optimum Anode Technologies launched with one overarching goal to advance the science of anode design.

Drawing on more than 100 years of electrochemical knowledge and anode coating experience, the company applied developments and improvement in coatings, substrates, and complex electrochemical theory to maximize anode technology. Its innovations in dimensionally stable anodes set new industry standards for a wide variety of electrochemical applications including chlor-alkali, electrowinning, sodium hypochlorite, plating and other applications.

Completely integrating its operations, Optimum Anode Technologies unifies research and development, product engineering, design, fabrication, coating and testing in a single California location. The company and affiliated business partner, TITAN Metal Fabricators, together harness the benefits of reactive metal alloys (TI, Ta, Zr, Nb, and nickel alloys) to create quality, long-lasting and cost-effective products for industrial application.

Our Facilities

Optimum Anode Technologies is fully integrated:  A developer, designer and manufacturer of dimensionally stable anode products that is ISO 9001:2015 certified.


As a business partner of TITAN Metal Fabricators*, all R & D, engineering, design, fabrication, coating and testing for Optimum Anode Technologies’ products are located under one roof in a single 80,000-square-foot facility in California.

*TITAN Metal Fabricators is a global leader in the custom manufacture of corrosion-resistant equipment for the Process Industries. For more information about TITAN, visit


Optimum Anode Technologies would be pleased to work with you to resolve any of your project concerns. Please contact us by phone at (805) 437-7435 or via our contact page.