Product Listing

Optimum Anode Technologies produces dimensionally stable, platinized anodes and cathodic protection based on titanium, niobium, tantalum, zirconium and other exotic substrates. We produce a wide variety of standard and customized anode shapes to maximize your benefit for your particular application.

Platinized Titanium Anode

Platinized Titanium tubular anodes
Platinized Titanium wire anode
Platinized Titanium rod anodes
Platinized Titanium plate anode
Platinized Titanium mesh anode
Platinized Titanium strip anodes
Platinized Titanium perforated anodes
Platinized Titanium probe anode

Platinized Niobium Anode

Platinized Niobium wire anode
Platinized Niobium rod anodes
Platinized Niobium plate anode
Platinized Niobium mesh anode
Platinized Niobium strip anodes
Platinized Niobium perforated anode
Platinized Niobium probe anode
Platinized Niobium tubular anodes

Platinized Zirconium Anode

Platinized Zirconium wire anodes
Platinized Zirconium tubular anodes
Platinized Zirconium rod anode
Platinized Zirconium plate anode
Platinized Zirconium mesh anode
Platinized Zirconium strip anodes
Platinized Zirconium perforated anodes
Platinized Zirconium probe anode

Platinized Tantalum Anode

Tantalum substrate wire anode
Platinized Tantalum probe anodes
Platinized Tantalum tubular anodes
Platinized Tantalum rod anodes
Platinized Tantalum plate anode
Platinized Tantalum mesh anode
Platinized Tantalum strip anodes
Platinized Tantalum perforated anodes

Platinized Anodes (application wise)

Precious metal plating anodes
Platinized anodes for gold plating
Decorative chrome plating anode
Platinized anode for PCB industry
Platinized anodes for silver plating
Platinized anode for copper plating
Platinized anode for instrumentation
Platinized anode for platinum plating
Hard chrome plating anode
Platinum electrode for fuel cell
Sensing element plating anode
Platinized anodes (electrowinning)
Rotogravure cylinder plating anode
Platinized cathodic protection anode
Platinized anodes for rhodium plating
Platinized anode for chromium plating